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Shamanic Services

Shamanic Practices and Spiritual Healing have been around since we gathered together in community. It has been recorded on cave drawings and sacred text. Some of the earliest description are found in the Book of Genesis of the Bible. Almost every religion has shamanic (spirit connected) interaction somewhere in there history then over time the written stories and rituals replace the intimate relationship with Spirit.

Soul Retrieval and Extraction

Traumatic moments happen in our lives which significantly impact our well being. We can often pick out  the physical and emotional impact of the trauma but the spiritual impact to our soul often overlooked. Yet this soul trauma can effect our emotional and physical being. Extraction and Soul Retrieval helps bring healing to the traumatized soul.


Psychopomp work assisted lost souls who have passed away bt

Spiritual Journey

Spiritual  Journing is the connecting to the unseen or spiritual realms to seek answers and guidance from compassionate beings.

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