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Healing Services

Spiritual healing is helping us get rid of things we have picked up in our lives that are no longer useful to us spiritually as well as regaining things in our lives that we may have given away and not taken back.Though out our life we give pieces of ourself to friends, family, bosses, school, jobs, churches, etc and we take or accept things from others like beliefs, ideas, self value, opinions, praise, acceptance, etc. Spiritual healing works independently and complementary with psychological therapy. Divorce situations are a good example but by no means the only. When people get married they share and commit themselves fully to each other body, mind, and spirit. The couple generally share physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual intimacies. This sharing is beautiful. However when the couple divorces these intimacies are no longer shared, and while courts can separate the physical aspect that were joined and counseling (psychotherapy) can help with the emoltionaland intellectual separation, it is also important separate the spiritual exchanges and unions that were made.


When we feel people have control over us, or we feel them lingering around. Maybe they hurt you, manipulated you, or changed you in a limiting or shaming manor. Psychotherapy counseling will help correct the intellectual aspect of our being though generally does not address the spirit part of our being. Extraction services can help remove spiritual connections/things we no longer need or are not helpful for our healing. The spiritual healing will help the emotional work of a phycological counseling.​

Prism on Hand

Soul Retrieval

In Soul Retrieval  the parts that we have left behind or separated ourselves from are brought back and united with us. Remember we are physical, intellectual, and spiritual beings. Just as we can be emotionally trapped in a pattern or cycle because of a traumatic event we can also lose a sense of our selves and our spirit. Have you ever seen a child excited to discover something and then have an older sibling or parent crush their joy with a harsh word or by ignoring them. We say their spirit is “crushed”, and no amount of apology seems to bring that excitement back. It is simple, our spirt gets injured just as our knees and feelings.  Some common examples where soul loss might have happened are childhood trauma, physical or emotional abuse (at any age).  It does not alway have to be a dramatic event. Some more simple soul loss events might be loss of a childhood dream, rejection from a team or school we wanted to attend. Soul loss is part of growing up soul retrieval is a part of becoming an adult.​

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