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Wounded Wanderer
Spiritual Development

Transforming belief into knowledge through experience

You probably have a plan to . . .

Strengthen your Physical Body

Sharpen your Intellectual Mind

But do you have a plan for 


Most of us have had an experience that we had a hard time explaining. Most of the time, we just push it aside as coincidence or luck. What you experienced was the spiritual side of the world reaching out to your spiritual side and connecting. Remember we are physical, intellectual, and spiritual beings. Just as we eat to strengthen our physical bodies and study to strengthen our intellectual side, so to we need to strengthen our spiritual side.  But how do we strengthen something we often don't fully comprehend with our intellectual side.

There is a way or process

  1. You have an idea or belief.

  2. You step out in faith testing the idea or belief.

  3. You have an experience, which confirms or challenges the idea or belief.

  4. The idea or belief is now transformed into knowledge.


Having a guide or counselor to help you distinguish between ego, cultural, or spirit intuitions will strengthen your experience and knowledge. 

your Spirit

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